Comparison- Two Outdoor Soprano Ukuleles


via Comparison- Two Outdoor Soprano Ukuleles (click link to see review, 12:30)

Vic Schmitz, who buys and borrows a lot of ukes, posted this comparison review on his blog of the two types of Outdoor Ukuleles. They’re made from molded polycarbonate and plastic and are intended for camping, hiking, traveling, etc.

They are rated for play at temperatures ranging from -40 to 250 degrees. IOW, they’re resilient.

I’ve played a standard soprano briefly and thought it was OK, but that also was the initial series. Reportedly, the folks making them in Oregon have improved the design and quality. I think this is a great side-by-side look at the two.

The standard one uses polycarbonate fiber and the carbon uses carbon-fiber strands. The carbon-fiber version is supposed to be stronger and brighter — but it’s more expensive (by about $40).

I may spring for a basic soprano as a uke to leave in my car and play when I’m stuck or just want to strum a little during a lunch break. These are more resilient if not more durable than the Fleas and Flukes, which have wood necks and tops. Fleas and Flukes really can take a beating (not that I recommend it), and they sound better than the Outdoors, but they’re not as heat- and humidity-proof as the polycarbonate ones.

I’ve also played a Makala Waterman plastic uke and was not at all impressed. So this may be the one I spring for.

Nicely done, Vic!

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